Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What? No posting?

Yes, I have actually cooked since 2008, but haven't captured a single bit on this blog. So much for resolutions. In an attempt to remedy this situation, here are a few of the highlights.

Last night- sorry, no picture- too good to stop and document...

Fish Tacos with Extra Goodness

6 Whole Foods Tilapia filets (yes, I am a tilapia snob- if they come from Whole Foods, I can count on their being raised without antibiotics)

Red Mill cornmeal (about a cup and a half)
mixed with: chili powder or your preferred mixture of chili spices.

Dredge the fish in the cornmeal and seasoning mixture, and set aside on waxed paper.

Mix together some plain yogurt, minced cilantro, lime juice, chopped fresh jalepeno, and a shake of chili powder and set on the table in a cute little bowl.

Slowly heat some fat of your choice (lard, earth balance shortening, other high smoke point oil)
in a cast iron skillet. The big one that used to be your mom's or grandmother's, or that you got at a yard sale.

While the fat heats, finely slice some cabbage and toss with minced cilantro, a bit of chopped jalepeno, and a lime's worth of juice. Salt to taste and set aside in another cute bowl.

Put two or three filets gently into the hot fat. Don't crowd the pan.

While they work on becoming golden, slice some avocado, grate some sharp cheddar (Seaside or a raw cheddar is a winner), and chop some nice sweet onions. Arrange on a nice plate and set on the table.

Gently flip the tilapia, and check the slaw for limeyness. Add more of whatever might be needed to make the slaw tart and a little bit salty, and take it to the table.

Now, take out the finished filets, and let drain on a wire rack over a brown bag or paper towel- actually, if the oil is just hot enough, there shouldn't be any draining happening because the fish won't soak any oil up as it is too busy pushing out steam and crisping up that grainy cornmeal.

While the next batch of filets crisp up, warm as many corn tortillas as you think you'll need on a griddle and wrap in a soft cloth. It will save you having to leave the table if you just go ahead and do a few extra now. Take them to the table, which you set a long time ago.

Once the last filets are done, take them to the table. Put everything you like, from the slaw to the cheddar in a corn tortilla, drizzle on some of the cilantro yogurt sauce, fold it over and get ready to sigh at the chewy, crispy, spicy, mmmmmmmmm goodness. Nice to have some refried beans on the side if you think to put them in the oven before you start all this! Cold beer as a chaser? Yes.

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