Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simple Breakfast

After a morning trip to the market, the fresh eggs look so dear and homely sitting in their bowl in the fridge, that it seems a shame to crack them open. But once you bite into this simple breakfast, you'll think the shells look perfectly fine empty.

Simple Breakfast

Warm a croissant or toast a nice slice of whole grain bread, or don't have any bread at all.

 Put a few slices of smoked salmon in a skillet that has been preheated to medium heat. I use frozen smoked salmon slices, because they hold up under this unusual treatment. What I'm after are slightly browned salmon slices, somewhat reminiscent of bacon. Crack your eggs into a medium hot skillet slicked over with butter or olive oil. While the eggs sizzle and pop, getting that lacey brown crisp edge that is such perfection,  toss a double handful of microgreens (cress is nice) with a smidge of good olive oil. Put them on top of the bread, inside the croissant, or just make a nest on your plate. When the eggs are done to your liking, place them on the greens, and cover with the nicely grilled slices of salmon, a few thin slivers of red onion, and a sprinkle of rinsed capers. Grind over with black pepper. No salt needed since the salmon is just salty enough.  Some mornings need a slice of Seaside cheddar under the egg to round out the dish. Great with a strong coffee, if you drink it, or tea and an amiable sort of person to share the start of the weekend.

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